Long Hill Montessori

Grade: PK-K

Population: 60 Students

Location: 158 Central Avenue, Stirling, NJ

"My child attended pre-K for 2 years, then did a half-day during kindergarten at Long Hill. Can't say enough good things about our experience. It provided my daughter with a great foundation for elementary school. Loved that the school promoted peace and harmony with all - a value that we hope will stay with her through life!"

Long Hill Montessori

St. Vincent De Paul School

Grade: PK-8

Population: 127 Students

Location: 249 Bebout Ave Stirling, NJ

"I was at the local grocery store on Saturday when two vice principals from this school were having a shopping contest. The students were all wearing shirts showing off a national education award and they were so excited for the opportunity to help their school and the community. The kids cheered on their vice principals and then helped clean up any messes, ring up the groceries and box them for donation to a local food pantry. Any school that is winning education awards and turning out such polite and service-minded students must be doing something right." 

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