From spending time at the beautiful and popular Watchung Lake and Twin Brooks Golf Course to enjoying town-wide activities, Watchung residents like to get outdoors and come together to enjoy their community. Events like the Tree Lighting ceremony, Harvest Festival, and other annual get-togethers encourage people to meet their neighbors and enjoy all the Central New Jersey community has to offer! 

“I love to run around Watchung Lake. It is particularly beautiful in the springtime when the trees are just blooming. When the kids were little we also loved to take the kids to the park at the lake... So I guess you can say that the lake is a family fav.” -Jen M. 

“We have a wonderful library, with a great summer reading program and a fantastic collection of movies and DVDs. One can go hiking in the nearby Watchung Reservation. We have a wonderful tree lighting ceremony each December complete with signing, hot chocolate and fireworks. We have Boy Scout and Girl Scouts. And EVERYBODY enjoys walks around the lake!” - Watchung Mom

“Amazing community feeling. It's such a small town that annual gatherings like the Ice Cream Social, Harvest Festival, Tree Lighting community picnic attract everyone!” -Amy D. 

“Walking around the lake is great exercise. The park is nice. The town offers seasonal town events where you can take the kids and meet your neighbors.” - Alys T.

“In the future, hopefully some of the meadows and other strengths of Watchung's natural beauty will be preserved as public spaces. Currently, many natural places can be seen between the more graceful homes that celebrate and fit into the landscape, and wildlife preserves and parks are 10-15 drives from Watchung. There are also two man-made lakes in town (originally built to produce ice to sell in Cuba, before freezers existed!), around which residents like to walk. Sidewalks have been constructed for this purpose. There is also a non-profit arts center which seems to be quite active, and a library that promises to be rebuilt to become more of a community center. A community center in a safe building would be a much needed and much used selling point of the town, along with homes that respect the natural world, and Watchung's history and draw to more woodsy people.” -JJ

“Watchung Lake [is] very popular with walkers/runners [and for] fishing.” - Roseann S


“I'm a huge fan of the seasonal colors of the town. I've never seen such gorgeous Dogwood in Spring time and the fall colors around the lake are spectacular. Residents are very friendly and always watch out for one another.” -Jen M.

“I love that Watchung is just a bit rural, yet there is access to anything and everything—restaurants, museums, theater, parks, the ocean—you name it! Did you know that we have several horse farms in Watchung? And residents can spot deer, turkeys, and foxes in their own yards!” -Watchung Mom

“Love how beautiful it is and how close it is to the Jersey Shore and NYC. The schools are great and have met very dear friends through the schools.” - Kristy 

“Community is great. People are friendly. Atmosphere beautiful. Close to shopping and easy commute to the shore, city or mountains.” -Alys T.

“Easy access to shopping, travel and city. A relaxing environment. Friendly people. Great schools!” 

“The back streets are quiet, the trees are beautiful, it is convenient in many ways, and close to Lifetime Fitness and a new Hilton Hotel. Some town leaders (politically) push to prevent the town from turning into just another NJ town filled with badly built McMansions, blue, rolled-out lawns, and residents who never get out of their SUVs except to pull into their house. They celebrate big, flowering trees and the history of Watchung, starting with the natives who cherished this area for centuries. I love that there are a lot of Indian and Chinese families moving into an area that previously had been quite homogeneous, often multi-generational. Anything to draw newcomers into ‘the community,’ stay in the local schools, and improve them according to their expectations, and share their cultures with the rest of the town, i.e. build roots, would be most welcome.” -JJ

“Small town feel but close to everything you need. Quiet, relaxed.” -Roseann S. 

“Mixture of nature and humanity. Close enough to be convenient, although far enough from all the hustle.” -Paul M. 

“Everyone is friendly. Stores, pharmacy, Costco, BJs, Walmart, churches and synagogues are within 3 to 5 miles.” -Lenore

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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