Bedminster locals are all about community. Apart from spending time outdoors, either enjoying the glorious beauty of their parks, like Natirar Park, horseback riding in one of the county’s numerous horsetrails, or teeing it off at the Trump National Golf Club, volunteerism and giving back to the community is second nature. The Fire Companies, First Aid Squad, boards, commissions, committees and other organizations have always relied on residents to volunteer their time and effort to help maintain these services needed by the town. Because of this, locals are also big on celebrating community events that give back, like the Bedminster Charity Fall Fest.

“Bedminster Township has a lot of diverse activities that you can be involved in. It is also very close to major highways and roads for easy access. It is also very central to a variety of other towns that also have a lot of activities that you can participate in.” 

“This very bucolic park set in Peapack is a gorgeous wide open space. It is a great place to take a walk or just relax on the lawn's and wonderful for children. There is a meandering stream that is very nice to be near in the walking path is great.” - Mike C.

“The Natirar Park is beautiful. Close to 500 acres of rolling hills, green meadows and trails. And the Raritan river. Yes, you guessed it. Natirar is Raritan spelled backwards. This huge property last belonged to the Moroccan king and his family. After his death it was all sold back to the Somerset county ( in 2000) for a bargain price of 22 million.Including his mansion.  It sits majestically all the way up the winding road on the top of the hill. It was transformed into a restaurant and a culinary institute. Named Ninety Acres. Somewhere along the way Richard Branson was involved in the transition process. The Natirar Park is one of the many beautiful parks in the state. If you live nearby it's a great place to go for a walk, run, bike.. On a beautiful late afternoon we very much enjoyed the scenic ride up to the Ninety Acres restaurant ....A great way to start a delightful evening ....” - W

“It's hard to imagine we are so close to NYC when at Natirar. It is a lovely area with gravel walking paths that run alongside the Raritan (Natirar backwards) River. There is an expanse of green in the middle if you bring a blanket and want to have a picnic.” - Barb C.


“Beautiful town with gorgeous mountain views! Almost no night life at all. Just a nice, quiet town where you can have lots of peace and quiet. Relax in Bedminster.” 

“I haven't heard of or seen any crime in my neighborhood. It a great place to live” 

“The Lamington General Store sells antiques, home décor, furniture, and a variety of quality hand-crafted items, all displayed within a restored 1890s General Store. This charming country shop, located in the picturesque farm lands of Bedminster, is a piece of history and well worth a visit.“  -Mitch

“I love this place and I would like to stay here after college as well.” - N

“My family just moved from Martinsville to Bedminster a few months ago. I am very familiar with the area since it is not far from where I lived prior to the new house. However, everyone seems to be very friendly and upbeat. A lot of people go on walks with their pets in the evening after work so it's nice to see everyone being active and about. I like the area I am currently living in. I would most likely prefer to stay in New Jersey but if my job takes me elsewhere after college then I will move. This is a very nice town though, and I see it continuing to prosper and stay lively as it grows and develops.” 

“There is a strip mall that is in walkable distance from where I live. It is a very lively town that is bustling with people constantly. It includes a supermarket, food chain stores, a CVS, a pet store, an ice cream store, and much more. There are also big banks that are in the surrounding area. A little further away you can find fancier restaurants and places to eat, so there is a little bit of something for everyone. A majority of the items we need are easily acceptable in the surrounding area but definitely not everything.” 

“They are responsive and it is a nice neighborhood.”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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