Living in Central New Jersey is made easier with the number of commute options available to get to New York City. Here are the things you need to know about commuting from Far Hills, NJ, including some tips from the locals! 

"I just moved to the Hills and take the Lakeland Bus line 5 days a week. I actually now drive to the Bernardsville train station and take the bus from there because there are more bus options later into the night if I have to work late. Not to mention the amount of time it takes for the bus to go from Bernards to Far Hills I can already be in my car and home." - K

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By Train

The Far Hills Station serves as a convenient option for locals who choose to take the train

"There are two scheduled trips in the morning and two in the afternoon, which is a wonderful benefit for those headed to Penn Station in Manhattan." - T

By Bus

Locals have a couple of options for taking the bus to New York via the New Jersey Transit. They may either take the Route 114 bus or the Route 70 bus.

"I always get a seat for the 6pm bus home. But if I take the 530pm and get there after 525pm it is standing room only. Thankfully there is a 'secret' 545pm Lyons/Bernards express (only Monday-Thursday and it is not on their website), so if you don't feel like standing you can just wait 15 minutes for that bus. Be warned though that the 545 can occasionally become standing as wel if you get there at exactly 545l. The seats themselves are okay, some have more leg room than others and unfortunately some people may recline their seat on your legs which can be annoying. Also be warned some people try very hard to take up two seats (which is so rude) but they always make space if you ask them. Overall I prefer these seats over the train seats." - K 

By Car

Locals recommend travelling by car from Far Hills via Route 78 or 287.

"For those who need to commute by car, Interstates 78 and 287 are about five miles from Far Hills, and both highways pass right through Bedminster. The 43-mile trip from Far Hills is about a 55-minute drive to Midtown Manhattan during the off-peak travel hours and somewhat longer during rush hour" - T

Main Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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