Choosing to live in Central New Jersey is made more convenient because of its close proximity to the city. Here are the things you need to know about commuting from Bedminster, NJ, including some tips directly from locals! 

"I take the 645am bus into the city and the 6pm bus home to the Bernardsvllle train station. The morning commute is usually pretty solid and consistent and you will arrive in the city between 745 and 805am almost every day" - K

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

By Train

Locals take the train from Far Hills Station

"I personally liked the train because I did not have to worry about sitting in traffic and they run later at night than the buses. When the weather was bad (rain/snow), I believe people who normally took the bus would take the train. Also the train leaves you off at 33rd in the city or in Hoboken (you can take the Path from there to either WTC or Chirstopher, 9th, 14th, 23rd or 32nd street)" - JR

By Bus

Locals have several options for taking the bus to New York. New Jersey Transit is available via Route 114 or Route 70, while the Lakeland Bus is available via Route 78.

"I take the bus from Bernards. I do miss the train and its consistency, but the bus has some perks. It's much easier to sleep when you're going non stop and they turn off the lights, and the seats are a bit more comfortable. The only thing to be warned of with the bus is there are no monthly passes and no mobile tickets, so be prepared to make more space in your wallet for 10 tickets a week, also the bus is a little bit more expensive than the train but if you can afford it go for it" - K 

By Car

Locals recommend travelling by car from Bedminster via Route 78 or 287. Some also opt to drive partway into New York City and take public transport the rest of the way by leaving their cars at the Park and Ride lots and taking the New Jersey transit from Secaucus Junction Station.

"78 is the major route into NYC, whether midtown or downtown, as well as Newark Airport" - Marie

Main Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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