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Meet Real Buyers of NJ, Wenlang & Tracy! (aka Why I Love My Job)

Judith Weiniger

After successfully growing her own brand and team under a national brand’s shingle since 2003, Judy Weiniger knew it was time to step out on her own...

After successfully growing her own brand and team under a national brand’s shingle since 2003, Judy Weiniger knew it was time to step out on her own...

Jan 24 7 minutes read

I met Wenlang, Tracy, and little Julie all the way back in November of 2013. These first-time homebuyers came to visit me at my open house on Casale Drive South in Warren. They weren’t necessarily interested in that particular home, but they had done some research online and based on what they read and learned, they came to meet me in person. And that was when they asked me to help them find their dream home! I remember they were so kind, generous with their compliments of me, and they repeatedly told me how grateful they were to have my help.

(Pictured above: Here we are, out hunting for a home!)

In our industry, it isn’t always easy to gain the trust of buyers and sellers. Many view us real estate agents as pushy, salesman-y and out only for our own interests. While that sounds awful... it actually drives me to continue to grow our company, Weiniger Group, so we can help more people. As our mission statement says, we care most about achieving our clients goals and while doing so, creating raving fans.

Knowing that my clients trust me to take care of them and advise them is one of the greatest gifts I can receive!

In a world where everything is digital and amidst talk of how the real estate industry doesn’t need real estate agents anymore (since buyers can do so much research on their own), this experience gives me the opportunity to explain why many people still want an advocate.

I don’t see myself as a door opener, but rather a dream maker, goal accomplisher, home advisor, psychologist and friend, all wrapped into one! Wenlang and Tracy could see that, and they valued it.

That is what helps me do this over and over again. I am so grateful, and I feel so lucky to have been able to find this beautiful family a home!

The Search Is On!

Wenlang, Tracy, and their daughter had some requirements. They wanted a town with a good school system, and somewhere that was convenient to both of their workplaces, so we focused our search on Warren, Chatham, Madison, Livingston and Summit.

I so very much enjoyed our visits to see homes together. Julie, their daughter, would bring a new stuffed toy almost every time, and she allowed me to snap her picture on many occasions while on our home tour! I just love taking photos! Photos help solidify the memories in my mind, and I can revisit their smiling faces throughout the process.

At Last: Home Sweet Home!

Like many buyers, Wenlang and Tracy didn't buy the first home that they made an offer on. They got outbid on a bidding war on two homes, one in Warren and the other in Chatham. This can be especially tough on first-time buyers, creating huge disappointments and frustrations with the process. But I am happy to say, that 99.9% of the time, my buyers end up happier with the home they ultimately buy! And that is exactly the case for Wenlang, Tracy, and Julie. They found a home that exactly fit their wishlist—a 4-bedroom home in a fabulous neighborhood in Madison, NJ... a convenient NJ commute to each of their jobs!

Making It Their Own

Time just flies! After they were all settled into their new home, I had a chance to reconnect with the family during a recent home visit. I got to see all of the beautiful work that they did on the home—kudos to Wenlang and Tracy! They put on a new roof, new windows, painted the entire interior, refinished the floors and put in some new appliances… all with contractors that we recommended to them.

Even though they didn’t want a home that needed work, most—if not all homes—need a little something. (Keep this in mind when your turn comes—don’t be scared off from a home because it needs a little TLC because when you are finished, it will be exactly how you wished it to be!)

A Beautiful Success Story

What a treat this entire experience was for me. I am so grateful that these lovely human beings, clients and now friends, found me online. They have touched my life as much as I probably have touched theirs.

We are entrenched in the excitements but also the stresses and disappointments of the process. But when there is a beautiful success story like this—a family so happy with where they have settled, on a street with wonderful neighbors, close to the school—It is quite rewarding knowing that I, Samantha, and our other supportive team members, helped this family get here.

From Wenlang:

"We picked Judy because she was one of the top rated real estate agents on the internet.  Since we were inexperienced first home buyers and initially had with a large search radius in multiple towns, there were a lot of questions and extra work for Judy and her team.   From November 2013 till August 2014 Judy and her colleague Samantha showed us numerous properties in Chatham, Madison, Summit, Millburn, and Warren etc.

"During the entire process, Judy patiently answered our questions and honestly offered her professional opinions and suggestions.  Whenever we decided to put an offer, Judy always reviewed the details and issues with us at her earliest convenience and initiated the process ASAP.  With her great help eventually we found our home in Madison.  Now that we have moved into the house for more than a year and enjoyed it very much since day one, we can't be more grateful for the excellent service provided by Judy and her team.  In our hearts Judy is not only a top real estate agent but also a trustworthy person who is working hard to find a dream home for her clients."

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