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Art of Strength: A Unique Workout Option in Warren, NJ

Judith Weiniger

After successfully growing her own brand and team under a national brand’s shingle since 2003, Judy Weiniger knew it was time to step out on her own...

After successfully growing her own brand and team under a national brand’s shingle since 2003, Judy Weiniger knew it was time to step out on her own...

Jan 24 4 minutes read

Art of Strength has replaced the exercise machines and benches of today's fitness gyms with natural body movements designed to make you stronger, healthier and less injury prone. They work on your core strength using Kettlebell essentials and other fun props like ropes gone wild. As a smaller gym, Art of Strength offers the personal attention and family feel often lacking at big chain fitness facilities... paving a new path in fitness.

Maybe you are like me. I'm always trying to get motivated to exercise and eat better. There is no time like the present, to focus on our own well being!

We are fortunate in Warren Township, NJ to have many options when considering a new exercise regime for improving our aerobic health and strength training. I am excited to share one such choice with you today, Art of Strength NJ (AOSNJ)! We created this local community video about Art of Strength NJ to share this unique exercise workout option for those that live near Warren, NJ. Enjoy and be inspired!

Valerie Pawlowski, Team USA Valerie Pawlowski, co-owner of Art of Strength, NJ, will be representing our country as a member of Team USA at the IUKL World Championship Competition of Kettlebell Sport Lifting in Hamburg Germany, Women's Veteran Division 12 kg Snatch. At age 50, to qualify, has made her lifetime of strength and conditioning more than worthwhile. "I'm giving it my all out best and going for gold!"

This event has over 500 Athletes representing 30 countries and you can watch online via live stream at

From our interview with Valerie Pawlowski:

"I'm Valerie Pawlowski and I'm the co-owner of Art of Strength training center New Jersey with Lisa Fleischhacker who is an area resident that's been a client of mine for such a long time and has great success with this that she thought it was so important to bring this to the community and that we open this training center.

"When you come into Art of Strength we want to teach the Kettlebell essentials. There are Kettlebells that are at the main root of our method of movement. But you're also going to see some things that are used for suspension training, ropes, Ropes Gone Wild. We also have the vintage barbells and dumbbells. They all combine together so that they coordinate to give your body the most efficient exercise.

"There's something for everyone here. We have programs that suit the needs for short term, long term, personal training one-on-one or the group workout schedule, but you're always receiving training.

"Once people come in here and they know they are looking for something different they try it out. Once they try it out and feel what it is that does for them, and inside of two weeks people will notice a difference. They feel differences in their body that they never experienced before and it gives you the most significant results in the shortest period of time.

"You get cardio, strength and flexibility all in a 45 or 30 minute session. So for time efficiency, you've got it all right here.

"I completely love what I do. It is so rewarding and gratifying to take someone from nowhere and then advance them and see how they progress and come to be energetic and strong.

"What's great is you notice when people couldn't even stand on one leg and now they're doing exercises that are extraordinary with capabilities that they might not have ever even conceived they could do.

"We make people stronger and feel better.

"I know that people have driven by so many times. We're in the prime location, it's easy to get to. We're right here in Warren, on the corner, underneath the flags."

Behind the scenes with co-owners Valerie Pawlowski and Lisa Fleischhacker.

Lisa and Valerie showing us some strength and flexibility moves.

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