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A Deep Dive into Weiniger Group’s Use of Facebook Targeting

Judith Weiniger

After successfully growing her own brand and team under a national brand’s shingle since 2003, Judy Weiniger knew it was time to step out on her own...

After successfully growing her own brand and team under a national brand’s shingle since 2003, Judy Weiniger knew it was time to step out on her own...

Jan 24 8 minutes read

It’s been a couple of weeks now since real estate professionals gathered from all around the country in NYC at Inman Connect 2017 to discuss, share, learn and connect on the current trends and happenings and what’s on the horizon in real estate!

It’s challenging to summarize the week so I shared my 5 favorite things about the conference here, but I wanted to take a deep dive into my #1 favorite part of Inman Connect NY 2017, sharing our Weiniger Group’s Facebook ad strategies. 

It was such an honor to participate on a CEO Broker Connect panel. A beautiful room in the New York Times building was filled with CEOs from the most well known brokerages and real estate brands in our nation to independent brokers, to tech companies, economic consultants, real estate vendors to the media giant, The New York Times themselves.

I was humbled to join Keith Watts and Greg Schwartz from 2 powerhouse companies, Facebook and Zillow on a panel about Facebook ad strategies. Zillow and Facebook had just announced their new partnership to help agent and brokers create Facebook marketing campaigns using Zillow consumer data. They leverage their knowledge of which consumers are searching for homes right now on Zillow in a particular zip code and then retarget them on Facebook. This surely seems to be a very powerful way for getting your message in front of consumers who may be a more probable prospect to purchase a home very soon in your market area.

Yes!... I absolutely appreciate that more of todays buyers would have their eyeballs on "my" ad. Here are some of my questions that you may wish to think about:

  • Will the consumer be so inclined to "click and engage"? 
  • Do these ads fit your brand image and marketing goals? 
  • When the consumer clicks...will the consumer traffic go to ZIllow's site or your website? 
  • The cost? That of course would have to be factored in before making that decision. 

My view is that the brand messaging of these ads aren't up my alley. The ads seem to be more of the typical, old fashioned, “look at me me me” I sold this house, and how “great I am am am” real estate agent ads. Blah!  I believe we can do better with those marketing dollars.  I realize that most real estate agents and brokers don't want to be as involved in their personal marketing campaigns as I am, and therefore, this product could be a very nice solution for them to get their name in front of these more engaged real estate consumers. And I bet there will be ROI.

And for the record, I am a Premier Agent, putting advertising dollars in our main market area of Warren, NJ. Our Zillow ROI is strong, which I attribute to our 70+ 5 star reviews that are hosted there.  And if Zillow sold me, my market area consumer data list for me to retarget how I wanted and that fit my brand...I would be all over that, considering the cost.

I, then, had the opportunity to share our Facebook ad strategies.  At the Weiniger Group, we choose to focus our Facebook ad strategies starting with valuable local content marketing and gorgeous listing promotions that act as a lead funnel. This is where I see the “smaller player” aka: agent/broker/business owner, having a great advantage over the “big corporate play.” We locals, have the ability to provide this valuable, hyper local content. Warning, this is NOT a quick strategy to implement and takes an investment in time and money to create these marketing assets.

If you didn’t get to come to this portion of Inman or if you just want a close look at how Weiniger Group uses Facebook… then read on! 

We use Facebook strategies in a myriad of ways. We have the luxury of being able to strategize on a very micro level with custom targeted audiences based on the goal of each and every Facebook ad we produce! 

  • We write many unique ads to give our listings maximum exposure like, coming soon ads, new listing ads, unique features of properties ads. This is a listing lead generator.

  • We write hyper local content with the help Facebook group content as well as by creating Typeform surveys and boosting “the ask” to local residents for help us share their insights into our community. Examples of our blogs are “best of lists” like the best pizza or the best steakhouses in Central NJ, favorite local supermarkets, our complete central NJ open house list, and local weekender guide. One of my all time favorites is our farm and harvest post in September, and our current campaign is all about helping locals find a romantic restaurant to take their loved one to this Valentine’s Day with great engagement and shares. These are content marketing and helps brand us as the local expert.

  • We promote our community and its local businesses with our professionally produced videos natively uploaded onto Facebook. 

  • We even recruit and hire with Facebook targeted campaigns.

  • We share human interest stories titled “Real Buyers of New Jersey.” These blog posts are about my clients’ journey culminating with their thoughts about me and our team’s service. These blogs are boosted to my local market area as well, helping the reader understand the complex process to buy a home and how an experience agent can help!

Our ads have eye-catching, beautiful photos with graphics overlays, and engaging, brilliant copywriting that entice the reader to learn more. All of this also enhances our local brand, Weiniger Group of RE/MAX Premier in Warren, NJ, as the local real estate expert and as an advocate for our local community and knowledgeable about new technologies and social media strategies. All of this helps our clients reach more potential buyers! 

Being a small yet agile company, we have more control over each ad campaign. We have the ability to watch the success of each campaign and quickly pivot and adjust by adding more dollars to to an ad that our over performing or pause to edit those ads that may be underperforming.

Where have I learned this craft of Facebook ad finesse for the real estate space? This hasn’t happened overnight, and it hasn’t been a quick study by any means. I’ve been a student of this for the past 5+ years, and I’m fortunate to have amazing mentors and coaches, Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin and their team at Curaytor (including Facebook guru John Mackin!). 

I love to mastermind with agents around the country in our priceless Curaytor Mastermind group, too! Shout out to Joe Herrera and Taylor Prince from Live Love Local in Las Vegas, who have generously shared their winning strategies with others in our group. 

I have learned by watching other agents in other markets, that each local market is unique (urban/suburban/rural, average sales prices, luxury 2nd home, vacation areas to Anytown, USA) and ads and content strategies are more powerful when intentionally crafted to fit the audience you are speaking to.

If you have any further questions, after reading about our strategies, please reach out to me here. I love this topic and enjoy sharing with those that understand why we must.

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